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Wedding Video

October 11, 2010

I decided I would take a short break from reviewing Leslie’s books. I thought it would be a good time to add a little context behind the words. Here is a youtube video I’m sure all of you will enjoy. The vide0 shows some of the early scenes of Eric and Leslie’s relationship, including the Christmas play when Eric first saw Leslie.

It goes on to show their breath-taking wedding day and culminates in the couple driving away after their reception. It is a beautiful and sweet tribute to their relationship and God’s work in their lives. Enjoy!


When God Writes Your Love Story

October 11, 2010

Photo from Ellerslie.bookstore

The book I am going to write about next is also a collaboration of Eric and Leslie Ludy. When God Writes Your Love Story is a very practical book. It takes the principles Eric and Leslie applied to their relationship, and breaks it down. The different principles are clearly outlined for those who would like to practice what Eric and Leslie preach. It is a sensible and God-honoring guide for any couple.

I myself have the original book. But now they have come out with an 10-year anniversary expanded edition. It can be found at Eric and Leslie’s online bookstore. While slightly modernized, the book has many new content to enjoy.

When Dreams Come True

October 11, 2010

Leslie’s first book When Dreams Come True was one she wrote with her husband, Eric. It tells the story of Eric and Leslie’s relationships before they realized that society’s answer of dating was not the right one. This book also paints a picture of redemption from past relationships.

Leslie begins the book by telling the stories of when she was a young girl, naïve about love or relationships. She soon realized that to be popular, a girl must have the right boyfriend. Leslie shares how she placed all of her self-worth in who she was dating. The reader soon sees how it continually left her broken and incomplete.

Eric also shares about his relationships before he realized the world had it wrong with its dating methods. Both write about the pressure they both experienced after they chose the radical method of letting God decide whom they were going to date and marry.

This book is for every girl (and guy) who ever thought their second, third or forth chance to have a God-honoring relationship would never be a reality.

Hello world!

October 5, 2010

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