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About Me

A little about me: I am currently a student at Liberty University. I am a junior, majoring in print journalism. My goal is to become a news reporter for basically any newspaper.

Writing is something I have always loved. I am able to communicate best when I write things down. I am from Pennsylvania, but I do love living in Virginia with its beautiful mountains! I have three younger sisters, no brothers! My father says he’s a minority in a sorority.

My Love for Books: Ever since I was a baby my parents would always read to me. As I began to read for myself I developed such a love and reading for books that my mother needed to restrict how many I read a day! But one of the things she did do for me was make sure I was reading good books. Especially quality Christian books for young women.

This search brought me to authoress Leslie Ludy. Her love for Christ and strong standards for young Christian women have always challenged me. Her books have always helped me focus and strive to be greater in my personal spiritual life. As for the name of my blog, my favorite place to read when I was little was a window seat we had overlooking our driveway. I would sit and read there for hours.

My Purpose: As a result, this blog is primarily to promote and review her books. My hope is that other young Christian women would be able to become aware of her books. I believe these books would be beneficial to any young Christian woman, and I hope to be able to highlight them in a way that brings attention to Leslie’s amazing writing.

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