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When Dreams Come True

October 11, 2010

Leslie’s first book When Dreams Come True was one she wrote with her husband, Eric. It tells the story of Eric and Leslie’s relationships before they realized that society’s answer of dating was not the right one. This book also paints a picture of redemption from past relationships.

Leslie begins the book by telling the stories of when she was a young girl, naïve about love or relationships. She soon realized that to be popular, a girl must have the right boyfriend. Leslie shares how she placed all of her self-worth in who she was dating. The reader soon sees how it continually left her broken and incomplete.

Eric also shares about his relationships before he realized the world had it wrong with its dating methods. Both write about the pressure they both experienced after they chose the radical method of letting God decide whom they were going to date and marry.

This book is for every girl (and guy) who ever thought their second, third or forth chance to have a God-honoring relationship would never be a reality.


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