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Set-Apart Femininity

October 11, 2010

Photo from Ellerslie.bookstore

Hopefully some of you have read  When Dreams Come True,  and When God Writes Your Love Story and Authentic Beauty. If you have, the next book I want to challenge you to read is Set-Apart Femininity. Now this book is not for the faint of heart. Nor is it for those who really are not planning on changing anything in their lives. Leslie kicks it up a notch in this hard-nose approach to the world’s idea of femininity and guy/girl relationships.

In this book Leslie takes on the dangerous influences in every young girls lives. The magazines screaming that their idea of beauty is the only true beauty. She addresses the romantic chick flicks that pride themselves in their shallow, physical depictions of love. Even other Christians aren’t safe, as she confronts the strains of the world in young Christian women.

To me, one of the most powerful aspects of this book is that Leslie uses her own life to illustrate the dangers young women face. This is not simply some church lady who decided girls needed to learn a thing or two. This is a godly young woman who has lived what she is writing, and wants nothing more but to warn and encourage others. I highly recommend this book for all of you who are serious about honoring God with your femininity.

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