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Authentic Beauty

October 11, 2010

Photo from Ellerslie.bookstore

I hope you all enjoyed the Ludy’s wedding video! Hopefully it gave you a little glimpse into the amazing person who writes these books. The third book by Leslie Ludy I read was Authentic Beauty. This book is definitely one of Leslie’s best. Now that she has laid a foundation with When God Writes Your Love Story, Leslie comes out with a book that challenges young Christian women to be so much more than what this society asks them to be.

Leslie describes aptly the longing in every girl’s heart to be a princess. And every princess needs a prince who will cherish her for the rest of her life. Yet not every princess has a prince yet. However, this is where Leslie challenges our misconceptions and sympathy for ourselves. She charges that if we are Christians, we already have a prince. And this prince is far greater and loves us far more than any earthly prince could.

Throughout the rest of her book, Leslie shares how young women can be content in Christ as their prince. After all, he is the prince who created us. All other love comes from him. I highly recommend this book for all Christian young women.


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